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NEST is a project of collaboration and creative spirit where artists in the Yamhill region and beyond are becoming involved in creating works of art inspired by the word “NEST”.

Four shows are scheduled. Dates and locations can be found at the Calendar link at the top of this page. 

The concept related to this project was conceived by regional artist, Jan Shield, at his property called “Dancing Trees Sanctuary” at the top of the south western edge of Chehalem Mountain. This idea started by his fascination with the variety of bird nests he had found blown out of the trees.   Their intricate nature, beautiful inter-latticed composition, and sense of natural wonder started the adventure. With further work upon the ideas and motivational influences from researching the internationally known artist Andy Goldsworthy the potential directions started expanding.  The relationships formed in talking to other artists and being in dialogue with his natural surroundings provided realizations that the word nest is not just tied to bird nests, as beavers, bees, silk worms and numerous other living things create nests.

Some of the works were created in a collaborative process with Pacific University art students under the guidance of Mr. Shield as a celebration of the forest and the surrounding spaces within the Yamhill Valley.  The project  “NEST” is one of creativity inspired by nature, but also one of building community, initiating individual and group artistic involvement, and establishing connection and extending recognition of the artists in the region.  It is also related to expanding peoples sense of culture and artistic understanding in the 21st century.

Support for the project “NEST” comes through the generosity of grants to Jan Shield from the Pacific University Faculty Development Award  and from the Yamhill County Cultural Coalition and the Oregon Cultural Trust.  Added support is being provided by newly and beautifully remodeled Glenn and Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center of Hillsboro operated under the auspices or the Hillsboro Department of  Parks and Recreation.